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Educational Tip
The Foundation of Singing

by Darlene Rogers

All singing is based on good breath management. If you don't get a handle on managing your air, you will limit your sound as far as resonance, expressiveness, and freedom are concerned. Breathing muscles are best exercised apart from learning music or even vocalizing. You should allow yourself time just to "breathe".
Since we all breathe everyday it seems silly to work on breathing. But breathing to sing means taking air in quickly and using it over a long period of time. Use any exercise you know to practice breathing quickly and sustaining sound over a longer period of time.

One of my favorite exercises:

Inhale, then leave the abs in that position until you reach the last few counts, Inhale and hiss to the count of 15, leave the abs out until you reach 13, 14, 15. This exercise strengthen the muscles and helps the mind adjust to breathing quickly and getting back in on time.
Keep on breathing!
Darlene Rogers

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